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Welcome to Wishon Works

Hey y’all! Welcome to Wishon Works! This is our place on the internet where we share our love of all things DIY and figure out how to figure it out.

Chad and Heather Marriage License day

We are Chad and Heather, technically newlyweds (said our vows on September 16, 2016!!), but we’ve been partners in crime for 8 years and counting.

Dancing in the Woods


In 2014 we bought our first house, a foreclosure. It was “move-in ready”, plenty of cool features and good house bones, but it’s a bad 80’s fashion disaster. If you love country blue carpet, caulked-shut windows, sandy brick fireplaces, and LOTS of paneling, this place is your dream come true.  We had some other ideas.

Our House 2013

In the last 3 years we have put a small dent in some of the plans we have for this place. We’ve eradicated most of the blue carpeting and installed bamboo hardwood floors. We ripped out the weirdest, most ugly and useless kitchen island you’ve ever seen and replaced it with a custom island that makes Heather (author of the food blog Sugar Dish Me) super extra happy. We’ve painted almost everything, including fireplaces and cabinets, and removed an extra special drop ceiling with flourescent lighting.

But there are approximately 87586357968379885 more things to do.

Punching the wall

What kinds of things will you find here?

Whewwwwww. So much.

All our house projects from detailing stairs to jack and jill bathrooms and updating fireplaces. We have some major things planned like new windows and siding, too.

Odds and ends like picture frames, Giant Jenga, pots, plants, and organizational things.

Furniture! We’ve built a lot of cool custom pieces and have more in the works.

Landscaping! We have almost 2 acres to play with and we have approximately 5667 ideas.


Is a metal worker by trade, but also has professional experience with stone work, brick masonry, and building pools. In his off time he also has 3 project cars (a 67 Mustang,  and 88 Mustang, and a rail buggy that used to be a 64 VW Beetle), and fixes all the broken things. Loves Burger King, coffee and ice cream. Pretends to merely tolerate all the rescue dogs the wife brings home but is actually just as smitten as she is.


Is a smartass. Knows how to cook. Loves all the animals. Doesn’t let me kill spiders. Generous in spirit. Paints EVERYTHING. Favorite things include coffee, wine, dogs, and Tyrannosaurus Rex.

How to make Giant Jenga
Giant Jenga

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